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Dating for Connection

Empowering your Journey to find Genuine Connection in Dating

Feeling Hopeless with Dating?

I'm the best guide for you!

Calling all fabulous women ready to revolutionize their online dating game! As a seasoned therapist and connection coach, I've walked in your very shoes. Picture me, swiping on my phone in sweatpants, grappling with lackluster text conversations, and feeling disheartened by dead-end matches.

But my story doesn't end there. I understand the complexities of love and loss firsthand. After unexpectedly losing my husband at 36, I navigated the daunting world of singlehood, seeking a genuine, lasting connection. Disillusioned by the shallow world of casual dating, I knew I had to overhaul my approach.

Drawing upon my professional expertise in relationships and intimacy, I meticulously crafted a unique dating strategy that transformed my romantic prospects. With this method, I rediscovered the joy in dating, forged meaningful connections, and ultimately found my ideal partner.

Now, I'm thrilled to reveal my time-tested secrets to you. Together, let's inject excitement back into your dating journey, curate memorable experiences, and uncover your perfect match. It's time to reclaim your happiness and rewrite your love story.

6 Dating Skills No One is Going To Teach You - Elevate Your Dating Experience Now!

Dating for Connection: 6-Week Live Online Course
Every Thursday Starting January 4th @ 7pm PST

Dating is HARD!  I know, I've been there and know how challenging it can be when you're looking for that 'perfect' connection. 

Are you tired of.....

       Feeling exhausted with swiping left and right in the quest for the perfect match?

       Having the same conversation over and over again that goes nowhere?


       Frustrated with picking the same 'type'?

       Disappointed with catching red flags too late?

       Being disappointed that you're not finding the right connection?

      Feeling hopeless that you'll never find love?


It's time to shake things up and inject some excitement into your online dating journey! Imagine a world where chats leaves you smiling and dates fills you with exhilaration from a good connection. 


Let's turn your search for love into an adventure filled with laughter, confidence boosts, and a secret strategy that will have you crushing the dating game!

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Hi! I'm your Coach, Cecilia Mannella

When it comes to dating - been there and done that! I know how lonely and hopeless it can feel when you're endlessly swiping shopping for a partner (come on ladies, we all know it feels like shopping).

I'm the BEST coach for you because I have a passion for empowering individuals to break free from the barriers that inhibit their personal connections, I have dedicated my career to helping people like you overcome challenges and achieve the fulfilling relationships they desire.

With years of experience in therapy and coaching, I have honed a unique approach that combines therapeutic techniques with actionable coaching strategies to drive sustainable change. This uniquely positions me to support you on this transformative journey. 

All that to say, if you're looking for someone to share their secrets and show you how to date for connection, I'm your gal!

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What You'll Get

Elevating Your Ability to Connect


Are you tired of hearing yourself say the same thing on a date? Discover what you bring to the table that's unique (your superpower), dive into your values and learn to discover the values of others and how to set clear boundaries.


The key to online dating is to know your story and how to share it with others. Dating is not a job interview where you pull out your sheet and get all your answers. Dating is about fun and curiosity about yourself and another


Each week you will work on building your own secret dating weapon - a clear plan, a vision of what makes a good partner for YOU and your unique 20 dating questions to build connection. 


Private community to connect with other women in the course - receive and provide support, cheer others on, get feedback on your list of deal makes and breakers, red flags and your profile. 


How it's Delivered


Skills Lab

Each week you'll have access to the week's topic workbook - beautifully designed with homework to help you level up your online dating game. You will have access to the content once the course begins. 


Live Group Coaching - Coach Each Skill

Each week, I'll go live and coach you on one of the dating secrets. We'll dive into the workbooks, share my secret approaches and answer all your questions. This is the time to come together and build our community. It will be recorded and uploaded to the online portal within 24 hours of the call so you have access to the replay if you can't attend live. 


Community of Badass Women

As a course member, you will be part of a supportive and fun community of women who are all working on dating for connection. In this community, you can share your challenges, get support and feedback and share your insights along the way. The community is founded on a safe and collaborative space for all women. 


  • Pay in Full

    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Full Access to Course
  • Pay in 3 Payments

    Every 2 weeks
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Full Access to Course
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