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Sarah McKay

I operate through a humanistic orientation approach, which means that I believe that each individual embodies the ability to take control of their lives, create change, and establish an optimistic outlook while working through challenges that life can bring.

First and foremost, I work to establish a safe, caring, and non-judgemental environment. I utilize a range of theories, depending on the individual, as I recognize that each person is on their own personal journey and I will meet them where they are at. The unique opportunity to help support human potential and individual growth continues to be my passion and purpose.

Areas of Practice

Education & Professional Registrations

  • British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors, Registration #17925

  • Doctor of Counselling and Psychotherapy – Yorkville University (completion date June 2025)

  • Masters of Counselling Psychology -  Dalhousie University

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Marketing & Management – Indiana University

  • Former Professional Athlete - Basketball 

Counselling Rates

Individual Counselling

Family Counselling


Couple's Counselling








5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

9:00 am - 3:30 pm


I'm passionate about....

I spend much of my free time on a plane travelling to new places or seeing friends. I love animals and being in nature - you'll often find me cuddled with a furry friend outdoors. 

My heart is with my family and friends, spending time with people in my life who make me laugh and bring so much joy to my life. 

I'm a lifelong learner and I can nerd out about anything I find interesting from politics to counselling research or a new place to have dinner. Returning to school to complete my Doctorate Degree has fed my never-ending desire for learning. 

I have a deep love for true crime podcasts, fiction books (mystery, historical, romance), educational books and podcasts on human behaviour/emotions/the way our brains work.

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