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Kayla Wild

My personal counselling philosophy is rooted in a strong desire to connect with my clients. My hope is to learn and grow alongside my clients, as part of a collaborative team, tackling their challenges together.


I come into each interaction free of judgment and with an appreciation that my clients have chosen to trust me with their journey. I strive to create a space and relationship that provides my clients the sense of safety, that working through their personal struggles not only requires but deserves.

Areas of Practice

Education & Professional Registrations

  • British Columbia College of Social Workers, Registration #13440

  • British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors, Registration #20963

  • Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW), University of Victoria

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (BSW), University of the Fraser Valley

  • Narrative Therapy Foundations Level 1 & 2, Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy

  • Criminal Justice Diploma, University of the Fraser Valley

  • Social Services Diploma, University of the Fraser Valley

Counselling Rates

Individual Counselling

Family Counselling

Couple's Counselling











Alternating AM & PM

10:30 am - 7:00 pm

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Alternating AM

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Alternating AM & PM

I'm passionate about....

I am passionate about my family and my clients. Both things bring immense joy to my life. I have a blended family and understand the challenges that come along with balancing the needs of a family unit while respecting the uniqueness of everyone as an individual. Being a working mom means spending a substantial amount of time in my car, which led me to discover podcasts. Sometimes driving to and from work is the only “me” time I get in a day, and listening to the “Armchair Expert” podcast has become one of my favourite things.


But, connection is genuinely what fills my soul, especially spending time with loved ones and catching up over a good meal, (probably not one that I have made, though.. cooking is definitely a struggle over here).

When thinking about change and counselling, what comes to mind is how hard those first few steps are, in reconnecting with ourselves. But not honouring our needs is also hard. So when it comes to change what I love, is seeing the impact those first steps have on improving my clients quality of life.

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