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Pam Hamidi

Life Coach

I believe we don’t just wake up one day suddenly doubting, criticizing, and not loving ourselves. We don’t just spontaneously decide we don’t have value and that we aren’t good enough.


These are learned behaviours. Ones that are learned from repeating the same behaviours of inner self-harm.


Unpacking a lifetime of feeling this way is a journey that I will walk with you so that you can achieve the unrealized potential of self-worth, love, and acceptance that you’ve had all along. And that you are so deserving of.


I am honoured to help support you in accepting and loving every part of your true self. I intend to hold and create a safe space for you and allow you to unpack the vulnerable parts you’ve been holding back without fear of judgment, shame, or correction.


Let the journey towards freedom from within begin!

Areas of Practice

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I'm passionate about....

I’m passionate about helping my clients step into living life with ease, confidence, and freedom from the overwhelm that past traumas may have left them and the “go, go, go” expectations of society and those around them.


By adopting tools and techniques for nervous system regulation, you will learn to move forward from a constant state of fight/flight/freeze into the life you want to be living. You will no longer be shut down for extended periods. Instead, you’ll feel more in control of your internal experience and safety, so that outside circumstances aren’t chronically affecting your state.


Complimentary consultations, single-visit appointments and packages are available! Choose from in-clinic or outdoor sessions (within Abbotsford).

About Me: 

I enjoy quality time at home, on my acreage with our four girls, my husband, and many four-legged friends. I am an animal lover, always stopping to smell the flowers (figuratively and literally), and an avid traveller (particularly spontaneous getaways). I believe the key to life is connection, adventure and making memories at every opportunity. 


Are you ready to take the next steps on your healing journey? 

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