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Group Counselling

Groups are a powerful way to connect to others who share a similar challenge - there is power in sharing our experiences with others. Group work has been around since the beginning of time and we are created to heal and grow in the company of others. 

We strive to offer groups that support, educate and facilitate healing for all participants. 

See our list of group offerings below!

Parinatal group.png

Finding Myself Again

A perinatal mental health group for pregnant and parenting women experiencing mental health distress

Are you having a hard time managing the emotions that have come with pregnancy and/or the postpartum period?

You’re not alone. Many women struggle with mental health concerns during pregnancy and postpartum. Our 4-week group will provide a safe and warm environment where participants will learn about common mental health concerns and how to address them. With the right support, you can thrive in your new role as “Mom.”

Group topics:

Week 1: What is postpartum depression/anxiety?


Week 2: Deconstructing the “good mother”


Week 3: Redefining relationships


Week 4: Finding yourself again


Friday mornings, February 16th -March 8th

Time: 10am - 11:30am

Investment: $160 for the group (or $40/session)

Babies are welcome as well 😊

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Parenting Neurodiversity

A support group for parents with a neurodiverse child or children. 

Are you having difficulty responding to your child’sbehaviour or frustrated navigating systems withunrealistic expectations? Do you feel isolated trying tol earn new terrain as a parent of a child with a developmental disability?

This group is an invitation for parents of children, suspected of or diagnosed, with a developmental disability(diagnosis not required to register). We will welcome parents of all stages on this journey, but a particular focus will be on young and school-age children(3-12 years old) or those at the beginning stages of identification or diagnosis.

When: Mondays 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Where: Eterna Counselling & Wellness 
Dates: February 26, 2024 - March 25,2024
Investment: $200 ($40/session)

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Living with Chronic Pain

A support group for women living with chronic pain - know that you're not alone!

Connect with other women who share similar journeys, exchanging empathy, advice, and encouragement. Discover new coping strategies, share success stories and embark on a journey towards improved well-being.

Joins us for our 5-week therapy group as we explore: 

  • Relationships - how chronic pain can influence all relationships

  • Identity - chronic pain how we see ourselves and how you show up in the world

  • Grief - all that is lost and has to be re-built

  • Self-compassion - how to engage in self-care without judgment or anger

When: Tuesdays 2:00pm - 4:30pm

Where: Eterna Counselling & Wellness 

Dates: February 6, 2024 - March 5,2024

Investment: $200 ($40/session)

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