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Life Coaching

What is a Life Coach? 


Imagine sitting on a couch or going on a walk in nature with your closest friend; that best friend who sees the best in you, never judges your life experiences, and challenges you to make strides each day to live your best life.  Working with a life coach feels like being with a best friend; liberating, safe, and like you're finally being understood and allowed the space to be true to yourself. 


Seeking support is crucial for rebuilding a life you love living and taking the first step is often the hardest part!


A Life Coach's main intention is to create safety in your sessions, starting with where you are at this very moment. A coach will help you stop living life stuck in old patterns, feeling a lack of passion, pursuing comfort over fulfillment and lacking deep connection in your relationships. 



Eating disorders 

Life transitions  

Body image and self-esteem 



Job loss or changes 



Personal development 


Common Topics Covered in Counselling

Pam Hamidi

Unpacking a lifetime of feeling this way is a journey that I will walk with you so that you can achieve the unrealized potential of self-worth, love, and acceptance that you’ve had all along. And that you are so deserving of.


How does it work?

A coach will provide you with tools and techniques to help you regulate your nervous system, steps to build self-trust, the space and opportunity to explore your life as it is now and also where you dream of being; without the limits you’ve unconsciously set on yourself. Life is messy, confusing and we all need someone to remind us of our worth when we have forgotten or lost our way. Life Coaching sessions will help you build racial self-acceptance, self-compassion and an understanding of who you were before society and life's everyday experiences told you who you were supposed to be; often leaving you feeling misunderstood, in burnout and grasping at familiar survival strategies.   


In your coaching sessions, your conversations are often determined by how you’re feeling at that moment and what people or events may have triggered your feelings since our last session.  A coach will walk alongside you every step of the way, including connecting via messenger in between sessions to offer you the added support you need when we aren’t face to face, in session. A common misconception is that a life coach will provide you with advice, yet it’s not the role of the coach to give advice but rather to support and facilitate the client's own process of connecting to their inner wisdom, allowing self trust so you can make actionable choices and accept deep down that you no longer need to act from a place of perfection. Week to week, month to month you will uplevel your life and personal relationships in ways you never knew were possible. In turn your growth will support you in authentically and  courageously stepping into living the life you deserve.


Many people seek coaching after or alongside therapy, as it builds upon the healing that can take place in the therapy process. A Life Coach, knows the boundaries of coaching and will refer you to a therapist if and when complex clinical work is needed outside of the scope of practice. You are in good hands when working with our team at Eterna. 

Let us help you find the perfect match!

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