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Clinical Supervision

As a Clinical Counsellor and Social Worker, Cecilia Mannella brings over 20 years of experience to her work. Her passion is to serve those who serve others through supervision, training and individual therapy. She knows how lonely and isolating a mental health worker can be - whether as a therapist, social worker, support worker or nurse. Her collaborative approach to supervision supports those wanting to improve their practice while caring for the personal side of life. 


Getting the right support for your clinical work can transform your clinical practice and personal development. Her approach is grounded in collaboration and equity, where you co-create the supervision/consultation process. 


Through a Narrative Therapy and Feminist lens, She sees the consultation process as supportive of your practice, helping you find strength in your gifts while challenging you to grow and push through imposter thoughts. 

Therapist/social worker identity 


Case consultation to improve approach with a specific client 


Navigating clients that are personally triggering 


Learning new therapeutic skills and approaches  


Grounding in a theoretical approach  


Deconstructing feelings of self-doubt, fear, limiting beliefs and imposter thoughts 


Team culture  


Implementing change in your team  


Navigating growth in your team 


Using challenging and confrontation skills in therapy 

Common Topics Covered in Supervision


How does it work?

Clinical supervision is essential to keeping well while doing really hard work - you deserve to feel supported while you lean into the discomfort of learning to add to your therapist or social worker tool belt. 

Clinical supervision can be a collaborative and supportive process where a special relationship is built - both learning and growing while navigating the challenges of current mental health learning. 

Let's book a free consult to determine if we're a good fit and go from there! 

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