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Child& Youth Counselling 

Being a young person in this world can be hard – navigating the ongoing demands of life on top of family, friends and social relationships can be challenging. Counselling for children and youth focuses on creating a safe relationship where they can share and process what they deem overwhelming in their lives. Whether that’s navigating the transition of divorce, trauma, bullying, suicidal ideation, self-harm, anxiety or depression – a child and youth therapist has the knowledge and skills to provide the child/youth with the help they need to resolve the issue and resume a healthy life.  

The ultimate goal of child/youth counselling is to support the individual to process what is happening in their lives and interpret the challenges to understand themselves and others better.

Worry thoughts 



Eating disorders  

Life challenges  

Substance Use 


Sexual Health

Body image



School focused issues  

Grief and loss  


Family Conflict

Sexuality and sexual identity (LGBTQ2) 

Common Topics Covered in Counselling



How does it work?

Children and Youth Counselling focus on building a safe and trusting relationship with the child/youth as they build relationships slower than adults. Counselling is grounded in this trusting relationship so the child or youth can begin to share and process their challenges. 

We aim to keep them safe while maintaining confidentiality so that the child/youth feels free to share their thoughts and feelings in a secure therapeutic relationship. 

It's important to note that counselling is not intended for court purposes or to support one parent in their court application for their separation agreement, as this threatens the safety of the therapeutic relationship. 


Oftentimes, children come in on their own or with their parents, and the goal is to support the child/youth to feel confident of the process.  

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