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Couple's Counselling

Relationships are hard – it's simple and yet so complicated. We are drawn to connection and belonging - it‘s in our DNA to seek out relationships as relational beings. Relationships can be a site of love, connection and joy; as well as a place for conflict, disconnection and discontent. Every single person will go through hard and tough challenges in their relationships. It doesn’t mean you don't have a good relationship or that you’re doing it wrong; it means you’re human.


Couple’s counselling is aimed at supporting the relationship to navigate life’s changes and challenges – to create connection and safety within the relationship regardless of sexual orientation or marital status.  


It’s during these challenging times in relationships that can leave the people in the relationship feeling emotional discomfort, grieving, rejection, loneliness or fear, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, worried, anxious and depressed.  


Conflict resolution 


Life transitions  

Lack of intimacy and connection  

Grief and loss 



Job loss or changes 

Substance Use 

Pre-marital counselling  


Separation and Divorce 

Sex Therapy 

Sexual disconnection  

Sexual Health  

Common Topics Covered in Counselling



How does it work?

In Couple’s Counselling, we typically bring couples together for a joint counselling session. In this first session, the therapist works with the couple to identify and understand the challenges that the couple is facing. The goal is to work together to develop skills that support the health and rejuvenation of the relationship – these skills can include improving communication and connection, identifying attachment styles and conflicts, implementing new ways to resolve conflict, discussing differences and developing ways to find a resolution that meets the needs of each person.  

It may also be necessary for each person in the relationship to have one 1-1 session with the therapist or all sessions are held together. The process is not linear, and it’s not a one size fits all approach – the process is created in collaboration with the couple and their relationship needs.  

Let us help you find the perfect match!

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