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Intern Counselling

What is an Intern? Just like Doctor’s having to complete a residency, therapists must complete an internship as the final piece of their education. They have completed all their coursework – the last part is their practical hours. 

Interns are part of the clinical training program at Eterna Counselling & Wellness, and they have/or are pursuing their master's degree at an accredited university. They specialize in counselling with individuals, families and groups and receive direct on-site supervision by senior clinical team members to maintain a consistently superior standard of service. Each Intern comes with their area of specialty and years of experience in the social services field. 


Working with an intern is a great way to access affordable counselling services at a reduced rate. As Interns are supervised by the Clinical Director, you are receiving the best service possible as the Intern Therapist is receiving weekly feedback on their approach in working with clients. 

Worry thoughts 



Eating disorders  

Life challenges  

Substance Use 


Sexual Health



Body image



School focused issues  

Grief and loss  


Family Conflict

Sexuality and sexual identity (LGBTQ2) 

Employment Issues

Workplace Injuries

Common Topics Covered in Counselling


How does it work?

The goal of counselling is to help you overcome the challenges you currently face while engaging in healthy coping skills. Some approaches and tactics that Intern therapists use to support you not only through the hard transition but also to equip you for future challenges are: 

~ Identify values and remain connected to the values that are vital to you 

~ Begin to understand that change is life-giving – change can be a positive experience  

~ Identify and express feelings  

~ Create meaning of your experiences 

~ Reframe your thoughts so that you feel empowered in your life 

~ Increase your window of tolerance for life’s discomfort 

~ Set boundaries and speak your truth 

~ Create realistic expectations  

~ Process your change in a safe and confidential space  

All sessions are supervised through audio transcription of the session with consent from the client. 

Let us help you find the perfect match!

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