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Individual Counselling

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The only thing that is stable is change – being a human on this planet is guaranteed change. Every single person will go through hard and tough changes and challenges in their lives. It doesn’t mean you’re not managing life well or that it means you’re doing it wrong; it means you’re human. Individual counselling is aimed at helping you navigate life’s changes and challenges – to make the changes you’re seeking to have the life you aspire to create. It’s normal to feel like your world has been turned upside down when going through hard changes such as death of a loved one, complicated relationships with family, divorce, life transitions, anxiety, depression and trauma.  

It’s during these times in life that you can go through stages of emotional discomfort, grieving, loneliness or fear, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, worried, anxious and depressed. The goal of individual counselling is to learn healthy coping skills for life’s changes while improving overall mental health wellness.  



Eating disorders 

Life transitions 



Childhood abuse 

Intimate partner abuse 

Body image and self-esteem 


Job loss or changes 

Grief and loss 



Sexuality and sexual identity (LGBTQ2)  

Personal development 

Women’s specialized concerns such as post-partum, infertility and miscarriages  

Divorce or breakups 

Common Topics Covered in Counselling


How does it work?

The goal of counselling is to help you get through the challenges you're currently facing while engaging in healthy coping skills. Some approaches and tactics that therapists use to support you not only through the hard transition but also to equip you for future challenges are: 

  • Identify values and remain connected to the values that are vital to you 

  • Begin to understand that change is life giving – change can be a positive experience  

  • Identify and express feelings  

  • Create meaning of your experiences 

  • Reframe your thoughts so that you feel empowered in your life 

  • Increase your window of tolerance for life’s discomfort 

  • Set boundaries and speak your truth 

  • Create realistic expectations  

  • Process your change in a safe and confidential space  

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