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Integrity, we do what is right and walk our talk | Curiosity, we ask questions rather than assume | Boldness, we take risks in thought and action | Heart, we make relationships the center of what we do | Growth, we are intentional with learning and leadership.

Key Characteristics of Our Team Members:

Learners and Leaders: we hold the belief that people have the power to change their lives – we are brave, honest, intuitive and quick learners.  

Dedicated: we are accessible to each other, open to being challenged and celebrate each other’s successes. We are badass, lean into discomfort, and challenge the status quo – this is demonstrated in how we share power, are vulnerable, and are radically open to feedback.  

Intelligent communicators: we build a connection in all relationships, show up with vulnerability, humility, openness and a growth mindset 

Creative: curiosity and collaboration are at the core of our team. We allow space for questions and being challenged – which allows for flexibility and adaptability in a changing environment.

The Heart of Our Culture:

We see everyone: we value each person who walks through our door, we want them to feel seen and heard, and we meet people where they are at in their journey 

We learn: we are constantly learning how to improve our services, clinical practice, and we engage in continued education. We are researchers and are continuously keeping up with new information. We openly ask questions and are open to being challenged – we are leaders in our own learning.  

We connect: we have an open-door policy and ask people how they are, collaborate with each other, and value the team as a whole. We ask for help and share our knowledge and skill sets.  

We are Badass: we own it! Our strengths, weaknesses, knowledge and superpowers – we own what we bring to the team with confidence. We lean into discomfort and difficult conversations with openness, honesty and humility – we connect with courage and we don’t let fear get the best of us.  

Interested in joining our team?

If you would like to be considered for our program, please send your resume and cover letter outlining your counselling philosophy and learning goals to Cecilia Mannella, Clinical Director

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