What Love Will Mean to Me This Coming Year…

As we near Christmas and the general holiday season, we are reminded constantly of love. Love sang in carols, love written in cards and love shown in all of the holiday movies. And today, I want to share with you, what love will mean to me this coming year. Love is my word for 2021, and I am excited to live fully into it!

Without a doubt, love is shared between people and pets too! Love is present in marriages, between children and parents, within families and amongst friendships. We often picture what love is – the butterflies, the soft gazes, the intimacy and the showering of gifts.

Love is so much more…

Love is raw, love is messy, love is painful. Love does not always show up on a sunny day with rainbows draping the sky. Love sometimes comes in like a storm, fierce, strong and unexpected.

To me, love means showing up.

Showing up for all people. Love is understanding that we are all the same. We all come from the same spark but our life experiences and paths mold us all into very different people.

Showing up and embracing each others differences is love.

Accepting each other as we are is love.

Being able to provide space for people to come as they are, bearing their scars and their hurt is love.

Forgiveness is love.

What would your life look like if you redefined the way we “perceive” what love is, or how society shows us what love is.

How might you show yourself love differently? Loving yourself is the most important gift you could ever give yourself.

I don’t mean loving yourself when the time is right… I mean loving yourself now!

Embrace who you are, celebrate who you are and what makes you different – because that’s your greatest contribution to this world!

Loving every inch of yourself, your wounds and your scars; for those have shaped you into who you are.

Loving every wrinkle, every laugh line and your body with all of its curves and softness because that is the vessel that allows you to move about and experience the world.

Love yourself, love yourself fiercely. You owe it to you!

With so much Love,


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