The first thing you need to do when setting a goal

Are you ready for 2020 to be over yet? I know that I sure am! With another year coming to an end I bet goal setting is on your mind.

It makes me wonder if 2021 will be just as life-changing or if we will experience settling into things – what do you think?

My favourite part of the fast-approaching New Year is setting goals for a fresh year. Most people will declare some New Year’s Resolution and hope and cross their fingers that it comes true – like wishing on a shooting star.

This is often how people will set goals:

  1. They declare something they want – whether it’s to be healthier or quit a habit or learn a new skill
  2. Then they wish that it will come true
  3. They create some really focused intention and will power that they hope will create the change they desire

Is it a wonder at all that most people fail?!

Hope and wishing isn’t a strategy yet we often fall into the trap of just willing things to be different without a plan in place as if that somehow is going to create life-lasting changes.

So what can you do instead? How do you start working on your goal-setting process? Start with dreaming!

I love this process so much that we do it as a team every year and we spend time just dreaming of all the things we would like to see happen and want to happen, what we want to see change and what opportunities we’d like to explore.

Don’t jump to goal setting until you’ve spent weeks in the dreaming phase – the dreaming phase is key to allow your creativity to flow and truly think outside the limitations that you will automatically put on yourself.

So, begin with dreaming…

  • What are your hopes for 2021?
  • What would make 2021 a great year?
  • What have you been holding off working on?
  • What’s the ONE thing that would make the biggest difference in your life?
  • What would make you happier? More balanced? Content? Fulfilled?
  • Which relationships need improving? What would make it an amazing relationship?
  • When you think of the future version of yourself, what is she/he doing? What is she/he like? What makes her/him happy? What lights her/his heart on fire?
  • In really letting go of limitations, if you could start from scratch – what would your life look like? What would you be doing? With who? What does that life feel like?

Spend some time writing out all the dreams you have for yourself and your future – don’t get caught up in the ‘it’s not possible’ type of thinking. And you know we all do this, we think of all the reasons why something won’t happen before we even explore it as a dream. Our brains will always work to protect us from pain and hurt – and failure hurts!

Dreaming isn’t about staying within the bounds of possibility, but transcending those limits and giving yourself permission to reach for the stars and dream!

Dream on friends!


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