We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know.

we dont know what we dont know

Do you know someone who thinks they know everything about everything – they get defensive when you call them out on it too?! And maybe you haven’t realized it but you may have been on the defensive side once or twice as well. Well, let’s break this notion of all knowing… I would like to freely admit to you that I DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING AND I ASK FOR HELP. Yes, it’s true, and it’s 100% okay! And I am telling you right now that you are okay to ask for help too. Because let me tell you a secret…


Could you imagine how terrible that would be? To know everything, to be the person to know everything about everything?! I know I don’t want to have that pressure, of knowing all the things about all the things. No thank you!!

And here’s the beauty of it all… we, as humans, get to do what humans naturally do – we get to learn. When you don’t know something about something we can look it up (‘Hey Google‘), ask an expert, read a book, or a blog, or an article. The possibilities for learning are endless, especially in this day and age.

This same idea goes for any goals you have. You are not expected to know how to live towards any goals that you want if you haven’t reach those goals yet! If your goal is to become a best selling author – you have no idea how to do that until you’ve already done it. Get it? Don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t always have the answers, learn and grow instead! And if the topic or the thing is something you’re really passionate about, chances are you’re ready to make the effort and figure it all out.

And, another thing! Why do we get defensive in conversations about things we don’t even know about?! Our egos get in the way, our egos are the ones who want to know all the things. But listen up ego, we don’t know all the things, and as far as I am concerned, we don’t want to either. Before reacting on a topic we know nothing about we need to pause and freely admit to ourselves that we don’t know the answers, and that is 100% okay.

Check out my Coffee Talk where I discuss this topic in detail and remind yourself that it’s okay to not know all the things.


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