The Truth About Making Break-Throughs That You Didn’t Know About.

“It doesn’t always make sense, but it’s trusting that the breakdown needs to happen for break-through to happen.”

Cecilia Mannella

Sometimes things fall apart. This doesn’t mean that you’re not good at all the things you’ve committed to. It means that you just took on too much, it means you didn’t realize how well the things are really serving you. It means you tried your damn hardest, and you just needed that push for things to fall apart so you could reassess.

If you’re in the midst of breakdown and looking for answers, trying to pick up all the pieces, and reorganize the chaos – I need you to stop for a moment. Be mindful of your breakdown, look at those pieces, and reassess the value of them. By addressing your breakdown for what it is, is SO important. It’s where the work is done to make it to your break-through. And it won’t be pretty.

“It’s not always comfortable, and in fact, I think its always uncomfortable.”

Cecilia Mannella

We often add too much on to our plates at once. We say yes to things without saying no, without setting boundaries and limits. We don’t see the value of these things, we don’t see whether or not they are serving us well – or maybe we do and just ignore it – but we say yes anyways because that’s just who we are.

We keep stacking things on – one thing after another. Then disruption happens – someone bumps into you, you trip over that toy on the floor, someone says the wrong thing, there’s a loss – this is where the breakdown happens. The things fall apart, your overwhelmed, frustrated, sad, angry – all the feelings. Breathe… you got this.

“We need to have that breakdown in order to get to the break-through.”

Cecilia Mannella

This disruption in your life that brought on your breakdown is needed. It makes things fall apart, but it allows you to see the pieces for what they are. It is an opportunity to reassess those pieces – do you really need all of those pieces? Are they serving you in your health and wellness? Do they bring purpose to who you are?

When you are able to reassess all the things on your plate you can see whether or not they are serving you well. Maybe someone else is capable of taking on that project at work, maybe you could delegate that duty to someone else, maybe you need to postpone that event. Be creative in how you reassess – what can be done to serve you better during this time.

I hope that you can make a little space for a breakdown if that’s where you’re at or you know that one is coming. And remember that it is totally normal, and it is needed, in order for there to be a break-through in your life.

“Break-through: that’s where joy is, that’s where happiness is, that’s where connection is.”

Cecilia Mannella

If you’d like to speak with one of our therapists about your breakdown or breakthrough, send us a message. We would love to hear from you and figure this out with you.


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