Get Ready For Bed With These Three Simple Self Care Practices.

Evening routines are equally as important as morning routines. And if you haven’t already read all about why the morning routine is important then head over here and read for yourself! Save it, bookmark it, and keep it as a reminder!

But, really – just as we need a reliable morning routine to ensure or day goes great and we aren’t running into obstacle after obstacle letting our morning kick us in the ass – the evening routine is just as important, if not more! After all, whatever we do before sleep is ultimately setting ourselves up for success or frustration in the morning.

Bedtime routines are not only when we check out of our day but they are also an opportunity to honour ourselves! The bedtime routine helps us set up for the next day. And because sleep is so vital to our wellness (it is how our body recharges), setting ourselves up for a restful sleep is a SUPER important piece that we need to keep in focus.

Don’t you want a restful sleep? An amazing morning? And a productive focused day? That sounds AMAZING to me! Where do I sign up, right? Here are a few things to try as you shift your evening routines to not only honour yourself but set yourself up for a successful next day!

#1 Plan, Plan, Plan!

Get yourself set up for the following day by doing tasks that don’t need to wait until the morning. Like picking out your clothes, setting the coffee pot timer, setting your alarm!!, mapping out where you need to be, taking a shower before bed rather than in the morning, if it’s a busy day – make a list!

#2 Turn it off!

Like everything and anything that has an illuminating light and distraction. I’m talking about your phone, your TV, your tablet! Turn off all your screens – yes, all of them! Check out of your devices at least an hour, OR MORE – before bed. This will give your brain time to slow down as you check out of your day and into a restful sleep.

#3 Get READY for bed!

Get comfy and try a mindfulness practice! This could be a breathing exercise or a guided meditation- whatever you choose the idea is to be present which means just let your thoughts pass and focus on your breath! Mindfulness doesn’t need to be super hard – check out Jessy’s video here where she explains how simple it really can be.

Taking time to set yourself up in the evening will not only take time off your morning responsibilities but more importantly it can set you up for an amazing day! Who doesn’t want to have an amazing day?!

Amazing day = amazing YOU!

This is great opportunity to show up for yourself, it’s a self care practice and it allows you to stress less by planning ahead. GO on- make yourself a priority, you deserve it!


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