Navigating the in-between

Do you have one of those moments when someone says something that sticks, and you can’t shake it? The other day my yoga teacher was getting us grounded in our practice when she started talking about finding peace with the in-between. The space that we find challenging and want to be on the other side so badly that we want to rush through the process.

We are in a constant state of in-between – moving from one space to another. It’s in this in-between state that we struggle, learn and grow. And growing is hard work! Whether it’s moving from illness to health, struggle to peace, broken-hearted to wholeness, we continuously find ourselves in the in-between.

Why is the in-between so uncomfortable? If you do yoga, you know that awkward feeling when holding a pose becomes a bit unbearable. All the while, you’re waiting to move into the next pose. Welcome to the in-between.

Where are you in the in-between? How do you handle the in-between?

I know from my own life that staying grounded in the in-between is not only uncomfortable; it can be tortuous. I would define myself as a pretty independent and competent woman in the world. I like to predict and prepare and pride myself on having a plan in place that moves me towards my goals and what I want for my life.

I, like many people, don’t control all aspects of life. Although I’d like to think I can. When life threw me a curveball, I found myself living in the in-between and had to find footing in this place.

Do you find yourself in your own in-between? How do you navigate through it?

Here is what has helped me:

  1. Things don’t always go according to plan, and that is not a reflection of you or your plans. Bad things happen to good people all the time; it’s not a deserving or not deserving situation.
  2. Have people in your corner that are okay with the in-between in your life. A lot of people are uncomfortable with their own in-between, so they can avoid or ignore your process of navigating the in-between. Find good people who can support you through it.
  3. Talk about it! In sharing our struggles, losses and victories, we give voice to our own story of strength as we navigate the in-between. It isn’t always pretty or comfortable, but it deserves to be shared and celebrated each step of the way.

Do something that grounds you. I use yoga and a journal to keep my feet on the ground when the in-between wants me to float away. Find something that works for you and do it! Be it yoga, mediations, hiking, fishing, running, swimming, sewing, drawing, painting, writing, jumping out of planes…..find something.

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May peace find you in your in-between.

~ Cecilia

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