3 Reasons Why Personality Tests are Useful

After working with people for over 15 years, I’m still amazed at how different and unique we all are. My days are so much fun because I get to meet so many amazing people that take the risk to share their life with me. Each person brings with them their own unique outlook on life and I get to spend time with them exploring their perspective and figuring out how to help them get to the goals they want.
Some people think that personality tests are bogus because it attempts to put individuals and unique people into categories. I simply don’t see it this way. The way I see it, is that each personality test gives us a little bit more insight into ourselves and the unique combination that makes us who we are. Here are three reasons you should consider exploring personality test to explore your self and how you impact the world around you.

Reason #1: Know your strengths

Personality test are geared to provide you with information on what your strengths are. In knowing your strengths, you can maximize them in your life and use them as a doorway to connect with other people. For example, I know that I’m a quick processor and jump to solutions quickly. Everyone in my life knows this about me and I use it to my benefit. I can be relied on to take in a lot of information in a short amount of time and can identify the challenges in any given situation. This allows me to problem solve quickly and come up with many alternatives to the problem at hand. This is a superpower and I have come to know how to use it to benefit me and others around me.

Reason #2: Know your limitations

Not only do personality tests pull out your strengths, they pull out your limitations. I don’t like to call them weaknesses as they’re not….limitations are simply areas in which you don’t excel in. No one is good at everything!! We all have limitations and we should celebrate them because this gives room to connect and collaborate with others. Slowing down is a challenge for me, so I seek out those who can challenge me to slow down. I don’t naturally select to slow down (my weakness as I can burn out), so my tribe has people who call attention to this  and hold me accountable. for that reason, I also value this skill in my team, as this compliments my strength of being a quick processor and problem solver.

Reason #3: Know thyself!

You can only make great changes in your life if you have self-knowledge. Too often, we get caught up in wanting what other people have without giving it much thought. Do you want what others have? Like really, do you? Can you see yourself happy? Using your self-awareness as a tool to create visions, desires and goals is what separates the wishers from the doers. If you want to dare big and live the life you want, you have to know yourself deeply and authentically. What better way than to use a personality test?!?!
So, get on it and find some fun ones online. I know that Dr. Google has a million suggestions for you, but you could try the Myres Briggs, 16Personalities or the True Colors Personality test. Have fun and get to know yourself just a little deeper.


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