Are you a victim of crime?

Crime is not discriminatory in any way. It doesn’t matter what type of jeans you wear or the level of your annual income or if you’re blonde or brunette. Crime affects all people of all classes, genders and social locations. We have been working with survivors of trauma for over 10 years and what we know to be true is that healing takes incredible strength, courage and bravery.
Many people don’t know that there is funding out there if you’re a survivor of crime. The Provincial Government started an initiative in the 1970’s to support those impacted by crime including primary victims, family members and witnesses. This was created to support victims of crime to heal and move forward with their lives. If you are a victim of a crime, you can apply to the Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) and if approved, they will fund your counselling.
How does it work? You can download the application from their website and fill it out. They will send you a confirmation letter stating that they received your application. Then, your application will be forwarded to an adjudicator who will ensure that you meet their funding criteria. If you do, you will then receive a letter outlining their decision and it will note the number of counselling sessions you are awarded.
Once you receive this letter of confirmation, we can then bill the Province directly for your counselling sessions. At Eterna, we are all registered with the Province as approved counselling providers which means we meet their counselling criteria through education and trauma counselling experience.
We are so glad that there is such as program available people and often direct people to apply whenever they have experienced a crime from assault, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, break and enter, or robbery. We encourage you to find out if you qualify and utilize this funding opportunity.
You don’t have to suffer in silence. You don’t have to think that you cannot afford the help you need. This funding program is there to support you and your family through a challenging and traumatic time in your lives. All you must do is reach out.
~ Cecilia


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