Dating Series

Hello all! Spring is in the air with the sunshine, the bulbs peaking out of the ground and the longer days. Oftentimes, spring also brings some energy and desire to get dating. I have noticed that a lot of my conversations lately are about dating and how online dating is such a struggle that often leads to dating burnout and just plain disappointment. When did dating become a full time job? Where did the fun go?
The truth is that everyone is looking for connection. We are wired for connection and belonging which drives our desire to be in relationship with other human beings. It’s okay to want to be in a relationship and in fact, we thrive when we feel loved, accepted and belonging in a healthy relationship.
In hopes to inspire people in the dating arena, I’m going to write a dating series where I will post weekly tips and tricks to make dating fun again and at the same time, help you find the connection and belonging you’re looking for in a partner. If you’re looking for love, then it shouldn’t feel like a job. Dating should be lighthearted, fun and adventurous. Somehow the excitement of meeting someone new has been lost to assessing whether this new person is your soul mate!
Want to refresh your dating approach? Want to learn how to change your mindset and start having fun with dating again? Do you desire to meet interesting people and hope to make a genuine connection? Then, keep an eye out for my weekly posts that will help you figure out what you truly want in a relationship and how to get it.
Here’s to creating some fun again!

~ Cecilia


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