Our intentions for 2018

We have a tradition at our office that we have been practicing since we opened our doors in 2009. At the beginning of each year, we sit down and set some goals and intentions for the coming year. This process has been an integral part of how we have grown Eterna but also how we keep on track to our commitments in growing our community connections.

Intentions for 2018

As we came together this year, we reflected on how challenging the past couple of years has been for us personally. There has been great losses and major life changes that have been difficult and unexpected. Yet, what struck us during our reflection is that we have so much to be grateful for. We are grateful to our friends and family members who have been supportive and loving us through hard times, but we are so grateful to our ability to feel safe in our life, have shelter every day and be able to provide for those in our life. For these reasons, we are committing 2018 to supporting our community locally and globally.

Our first community intention

To start off our year, we are dedicating ourselves to helping women in our community by having a feminine hygiene drive. Did you ever wonder how women who are homeless manage their monthly menstrual cycles? How do they get clean supplies? How about women who are leaving abusive relationships and can only take the clothes on their backs, how do they get feminine products?
We hear the stories of women who struggle to find dignity in difficult life situations and for this reason we are committing to raising as much products as possible and we will match those donations. At the end of March, we will drop it off at shelters for women. We are looking for pads, tampons, liners, clean underwear, diapers, depends, wipes, and anything else that women can use.
We are so excited!
~ C


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