Father's Day

When I think about my dad, it makes me smile. I know that I’m lucky to have a dad who was and continues to be such a strong and positive influence in my life. I grew up feeling safe and loved and he showed me how to be a strong, confident and independent person I am today. I feel that we are vocal about appreciating and celebrating mothers on mother’s day and are a little bit more silent about dad’s on father’s day. But we need to celebrate father’s day for all the wonderful fathers out there who are loving, compassionate, strong and leaders in the lives of those they impact.
Why do are we a little bit more quiet about celebrating dad’s I wonder. Maybe it’s because dad’s often do so much work in silence. They don’t always seek affirmation or recognition of the hard work that they do. My dad worked really hard yet never complained about getting up at 4am to get to work. He never was too tired to take us out on a bike ride or pack up the car last minute to take us camping in the rain. My dad would work all day at a laborious job and then come home and do home renovations for hours. Dad’s are just like this. They do so much work and then find the energy and time to just do a little more with little to no recognition. Dad’s survive all the near death experiences of giving driving lessons. They give lectures about managing money and opening up a saving’s account when all you want to do blow your paycheque. They support you when life gets tough by just being there, silently waiting for you to ask them for help. And dads are the love and stability when you make the decision to build your own family.
I will always be my dad’s daughter, so he will always be my dad. No matter how old I get, no matter how much I have built my own life with my own husband, no matter how far away we might ever be….he will always be my dad. And that’s what we need to celebrate on father’s day. So here’s to all the dad’s who are simply just there supporting and loving the people in their lives…we appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.


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