How We Work

A conversation

Everyone who walks through our door is entering into a conversation. It starts with a warm welcome into our comfortable space – not your typical, sterile counselling environment. We put you at ease, and engage you as a person for a potential for growth, laying the foundation for purposeful discussion and collaboration.

A relationship

From this conversation, we aim to build a relationship that will facilitate healing, hope and growth. This relationship – built on trust and engagement – is an active engagement between two or more people, working together to understand the problem and how it limits people’s lives, and explore new ways of living.

Laughter and light

We approach our work with a sense of humour, because injecting laughter and smiles can act as an antidote to the heaviness of a problem and can form a starting point from which to view our challenges in a new, more hopeful light. Despite the occasional darkness found in life, there is always light and a place for a smile. And it is from this place of light that we celebrate the strength, courage and beauty of the human spirit to survive and thrive.

Providing a toolbox

Ultimately, our approach to counselling is meant to be a tool to maintain health and wellness in one’s life. We actively work towards solutions that people can take away and continue to develop and implement on their own, leading to sustainable personal growth and a brighter future.
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