Family Counselling

Individual & Family Counselling at Eterna in Abbotsford BC
At Eterna Counselling & Wellness, we believe that families are powerful and complex units that come in all shapes and sizes, and have a similarly broad variety of needs.
Over the years we have come to realize that when the family unit is struggling for one reason or another, life gets difficult to manage and most other areas begin to suffer too.
Our therapists work with families to identify their needs and hopes for counselling, and then assist families on their journey towards their goals. Their problems may be urgent and situational, like separation, divorce, death, infidelity, or another crisis; or they may be ongoing such as relationship issues, anger, resentment, illness, or trust issues.
Our job is to help families explore the unique strengths within the family and work towards healing, forgiveness, joy and reconnection.

“How we story our future fully impacts our present moment.” ~ Stephen Madigan

For more information about our family counselling services contact us at 604.746.2025 or complete our online form.

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