Body Image & Self Esteem

Most of us at one point or another have struggled with negative thoughts about ourselves, or felt like we didn’t measure up. But what is it we measure ourselves against? Our personal view of ourselves is shaped by life experiences and popular culture, including media. We are conditioned to believe that beauty looks a certain way, and that we must participate, act and enjoy certain things to be considered ‘normal’.
Low self-esteem can keep you from pursuing your dreams and finding your potential, interrupting your life in a variety of ways. But with the right support and tools, and a commitment to growth, people who struggle with low self-esteem can learn to value themselves in ways they never thought possible.
At Eterna Counselling & Wellness, we practice a strengths-based, narrative approach that seeks to work with people on remembering their value and worth. Our perspective is that people are vibrant, beautiful and powerful and we sit in a place of supportive curiosity with you as you find your own uniquely beautiful self again.
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