Anger is a normal, but potentially corrosive, emotion. It is an emotional response to a real or imagined threat or provocation and can range in intensity from mild to extreme.
Anger can cause us to say things or behave in ways that hurt ourselves and others, often resulting in broken relationships and damaged reputations. We generally learn how to deal with anger by watching our parents or those close to us, and from these early learning opportunities, combined with life experiences, we formulate our unique anger management style.
Perhaps you’re a stuffer, an exploder or a combination of the two. But did you know that neither stuffing nor exploding can actually get rid of the anger? These are temporary fixes. Stuffing harms you, while exploding harms others. And ultimately, no one wins.
Learning how to interact with anger in a healthy way can have long-term benefits for you and those around you.
The counsellors at Eterna Counselling & Wellness can help you change your relationship with anger and work with you to develop new skills and techniques which will increase your sense of emotional control. Through this you will experience freedom from the harmful effects of the anger, resulting in improved relationships and increased peace in your life.
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